Innovation in the energy sector – are small suppliers leading the way?

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of our clients announce industry leading products and services – Octopus Energy with their wholesale tracker, Pure Planet with a unique ‘membership’ model and Engie with a promise to roll fixed customers onto their cheapest unit rate when their contract comes to an end. And earlier this week the Daily Mail profiled the companies offering the best dual fuel deals, all of which are Junifer customers too.

New entrants are attempting to tackle the ‘trust’ issue between energy companies and consumers head on. By introducing products that deal with the biggest issues that have been flagged in the media as causing mistrust with consumers, they are taking a resolutely different line to that of the big 6.

But what’s enabling them to do this? How can these new entrants introduce the products that consumers are demanding, when the more traditional businesses have not?

We think it’s their more flexible and leaner approach to business operations that is enabling these new, game changing services from challenger brands.

Businesses like Octopus, Pure Planet and Engie have come into the UK market with a focus on how they can remain lean, both operationally and in their systems and processes. By using cutting edge technology and best practise taken from other industries, they are able to innovate at a faster rate than the older energy companies, who are often trapped with cumbersome legacy systems and processes. Change happens slowly within these organisations, and as the pace of change across the industry speeds up, smaller more nimble suppliers are able to steel a march.

Junifer, a Gentrack company, offers scalable, flexible billing and CRM solutions that allows suppliers to get up and running quickly, using out of the box capability. The constant development of the system allows updates, upgrades and modifications to be implemented within a minimal change process, and modified easily for new products and services.

One thing is for sure, change will be a constant for the sector for many years to come – and we look forward to helping our customers meet that challenge!