Do small suppliers have the edge in an increasingly competitive energy market?

At Marketforce’s recent Future of Utilities event, our customer Bulb energy presented on what made their business model different, and why consumers were switching to them, and other new entrants, in droves. Looking at TrustPilot’s reviews of energy suppliers, one thing stands out – Junifer customers are leading the way in customer service. But why? What gives these new entrants the edge over the more traditional utilities companies that are languishing at the bottom of the TrustPilot rankings?

Junifer Trustpilot 2

*taken from on 11th April 2017

Amit Gudkha, Bulb’s co-founder, highlighted how Bulb’s ethos is to keep as lean as possible – keeping overheads and therefore prices, low. Processes are automated, meaning that resources are free to deal with customer issues when they do arise, keeping customers happier.

So what makes that different to the ‘big six’ utility models? And how are these smaller suppliers able to offer better customer service?

We think we know – it’s about the backend systems that these suppliers use to manage their customers, processes and billing. The traditional utilities have relied on systems that are heavily customised to fit internal processes and industry data flows, and on big teams to manage error resolution and inbound issues.

The new, challenger suppliers are able to capitalise on more modern and flexible systems, like Junifer, that are designed specifically for the UK energy market, and don’t have to be modified or amended with lengthy and costly change processes. These systems are easy to keep up to date with the constant flow of industry change, and create less room for error in processing data, issuing bills and collecting payment. They give energy consumers a better customer experience with less reason to complain, whilst suppliers themselves are able to maintain lean internal processes, keeping costs down, all meaning they can provide low prices. It’s a win-win situation. And with the top four ranked suppliers on TrustPilot all using the Junifer system, we’re proud to be supporting better customer satisfaction with the UK energy market.

No wonder the new suppliers are leading the pack!